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Committee Structure

Committees Offer a Chance to Get Involved!

The power of CVAR stems directly from the involvement of YOU! In additional to each Council, there are
multiple committees that are looking for members to help CVAR make a difference. Below is a brief description of the Committees. If you are interested in learning more, please call Gwen DiMarzio at 209.702.1975 or email at

Affiliate Committee
This group helps maintain a dialogue with Affiliate members to share information, ideas, concepts and promote activities for all members. Chair: TBD

Ambassador Committee
Outreach to all members to encourage involvement, deliver information and serve as a resource to members and Affiliates. Help to create a new generation of engaged leaders within Directors, Committees and Councils and serve as a two-way communication between members and the association so we can fulfill all members needs and evolve as an association. Chair: Alvena Safar & Robby Sra

Commercial Committee
To identify, monitor, review, analyze and recommend policies addressing commercial real estate industry
issues and trends with a focus on affecting business solutions that help members achieve their business goals more effectively and on recommending policy legislative and regulatory issues affecting commercial real estate. Chair: TBD

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Fair Housing
Develop CVAR involvement in cultural events in the Central Valley’s diverse communities and promote
programs that will foster fair housing, greater diversity and inclusion for all CVAR members, including leadership development initiatives, education and training, grant programs, and strengthening relationships with multicultural real estate trade organizations. Chair: Lynette Poquette

Grievance Committee
This committee shall be governed as described in the Code of Ethics & Arbitration manual of the California Association of REALTORS®. This committee reviews complaints regarding disputes and breaches of the Code of Ethics and refers complaints with merit to the Professional Standards Committee for a hearing. A mandatory training is required to participate in this committee. Chair: Christine Lynch

Local Government Relations (L.G.R) & LCRC Committee
To encourage members and others to be knowledgeable of and active in all phases of city, county, and state government; and to promote and strive for the improvement of government by encouraging members and others to take a more active and effective part in governmental affairs; and to be knowledgeably aware of all legislation which affects property ownership. Chair: Rick Jones

Masters Club Committee
The duties of this committee set the standards for Masters Club, plan the event, and verify the candidates.
Chair: Margeley Bernal

Members Helping Members
Raises funds that are distributed to CVAR REALTOR® members, Affiliate members or staff who have experienced a catastrophic event in their lives which resulted in a financial hardship. Chair: Nelia Tarango

Membership Committee
This committee shall be charged with the development of new membership and promote and encourage
Association membership. The group coordinates the monthly CVAR New Member Orientation which outlines the CVAR, C.A.R., and N.A.R. member benefits to new agents. Chair: Alvena Safar

New Member Orientation Information: Click HERE

Professional Development Committee
This group provides affordable and up-to-date education courses, speakers and information to serve the needs of the members. Chair: Natalia Diryawush

Professional Standards Committee
The duties of this committee shall be as described in the Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual of the California Association of REALTORS® which by reference is made part of the Bylaws and the Policies and Procedures Manual. This committee handles complaints forwarded by the Grievance Committee. Will conduct arbitration hearings. A mandatory training is required to participate in this committee. Chair: PJ Johnsen

REALTOR® Action Fund (RAF)
One of the most important services organized real estate provides is representation in the halls of government. RAF raises money to advance the goals of our REALTOR® political action committees (PACs) at the local, state, and federal levels of government. RAF supports and/or opposes candidates for elected office who understand, or don’t understand, REALTOR® Issues. Chairs: Debbie Mason & Derik Dami

Young Professionals Network
To be the voice of a fast-growing group of REALTORS® young professionals who are focused on personal
growth, networking, and association involvement. Chair: Fernando Jimenez