Manteca Marketing Meeting *RING CENTRAL*


July 14, 2020 @ 8:45 am – 9:45 am
CVAR office
16980 Harlan Rd
Lathrop, CA 95330
Door charge $2.00
Manteca Council
The Manteca Marketing Meeting is continuing to connect with our fellow REALTORS® & our Affiliates for the 4th week….via RING CENTRAL technology! You will ONLY need the Ring Central App from this point forward. We will have the call every Tuesday beginning at 8:45AM until we get back to having them in person. Instructions to log onto the call is noted below!
The meeting is being hosted through a RingCentral Meeting. You can access it a number of ways on any number of devices.
#1 – First you can simply click the link
when you get there, depending on the platform you are using, it will send you to download the app for your phone or to a download page to download the program onto your Apple or PC. Once installation is complete go back to the link and click it again. This will automatically put you into the meeting.
#2 – You can also go to
and enter the Meeting ID which is 1490212616. It will send you to the download page to get the app or program depending on the device you use. Again, once you’ve downloaded the app or program, go back and click the link and enter the meeting ID again.
#3 – A third option is to go to the download page at
Once you’ve downloaded the app or program for your platform you will now have the software needed installed.
and it should launch. If you have pop-up blockers on then you may have to actually click where it says “Open RingCentral Meetings.”
#4 – If you still can’t get into the meetings, immediately hand your phone and/or computer to your nearest child who will get you in before you’ve even finished reading these instructions!
1(470) 869-2200 (US East)
1(623) 404-9000 (US West)
1(720) 902-7700 (US Central)
MEETING ID: 149 021 2616
Please note, due to high volume you may not be able to get through to the meeting using the Call-in option.