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CVAR Affiliate Membership Benefits:
Every industry has a professional organization to promote interest and keep standards high. Engineers have the National Society of Professional Engineers, attorneys have the American Bar Association, and the real estate profession has the Central Valley Association of REALTORS®.

The Central Valley Association of REALTORS® exist to promote the interests of the real estate community – a community that exists because of people who buy and sell real property. If you are in the industry, you need to consider joining our association by reviewing the rest of this membership application.

Every organization has benefits for those who join, and C.V.A.R. is no exception. What do you get for your money? In addition to promoting your occupation or company your receive.

Increased Market Exposure and Networking Opportunities
• Create professional business contacts that result in professional friendships. Access to meetings and committees to promote individual/company interests. General meetings and forums where guest speakers and peers can exchange industry ideas.

• Timely information affecting your day-to-day business is disseminated to members through a variety of publications and services. Stay abreast through Central Valley Association communications.

Continuing Education Programs

Governmental Issues
• Advocacy on industry-related bills. Development of new legislation. Monitoring of regulation & taxation issues Central Valley Association of REALTORS®

Application for Affiliate Membership HERE