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Local Government Relations

2023 CVAR Chair
Rick Jones

Backed by a membership of over 3,000 REALTORS® and Affiliates, CVAR has clout to effectively protect your business interests. Through member mobilization, to representation by the Association’s Governmental Affairs Director (G.A.D.), we provide grassroots representation at the local and state levels.

What are the primary benefits of having a Government Affairs Director (GAD)?

GADs excel at two functions primarily:
–Monitoring, advocating on, and assessing government policies on all levels
–Developing a name for the association with local officials and community leaders

What other sort of things can a GAD do for an association?      
–Increasing Political Survival Fundraising
–Developing an educational campaign on REALTOR® policy issues
–Promoting the efforts of REALTORS® to the community
–Coordinating Committee activities, such as Local Government Relations, Political Action and Public Relations.

What types of policies should REALTORS® be concerned about at the local level?        
–No growth / slow growth / smart growth restrictions on building
–Point of Sale retrofits, inspections, and encumbrances
–Transfer taxes, housing trust fund assessments, and local assessments
–Business License issues, Open House Sign permitting fees, and registration fees

What types of policies affect REALTORS® regionally?
Regional control boards, like Associations / Councils of
governments, Air Quality Districts, Watershed Districts, and other non-elected regional control agencies may pursue policies that affect real estate:

  • –Regional Development Plans
  • –Point of Sale restrictions on fire places, wood burning stoves, and –swimming pools
  • –Jobs / Housing / Transportation balance initiatives
  • –Storm water run off regulations
  • –Down Stream water assessments
  • –Air / Water / Environmental Quality control measures and restrictions